tirsdag den 26. oktober 2010

Train ride to Kanazawa, Art museum and tea ceremony

We have spent a few days in Kanazawa. We are travelling around by train, a very pleasant way to see the Japanese landscape. The fast train Shinkanzen takes us hundreds of kilometers in short time. In Kanazawa we visited 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art by SANAA arcitects. The art museum is based on a round circle layout with glass facade. It is a really beautiful museum and you should go there if you ever come to Japan.

Art installation by Olafur Eliasson in the park outside the museum.

Tea ceremony in Kerukuen garden, Kanazawa.
We had green matcha tea and a sweet Japanese kind of cake made from beans. It was served by a beautiful woman in kimono.

Shinkansen, really fast train. The women in pink are cleaners who is waiting for the train on the platform, ready to clean the train in a hurry.
When traveling on the train we buy a Bento box for lunch. They have a very big selection at the stations so we stock up before leaving or when changing trains. The lunch box is so well put together and full of healthy food.
Another snack on the go is rice balls wrapped in nori, seaweed. Inside fillings can be tuna, cucumber or fish. It a great healthy snack. 
There are drinks vending machines everywhere, on the streets, platforms, trains.  I like the cold green tea. It's not too sweet and it's very refreshing.

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