lørdag den 30. oktober 2010

Hiroshima and colorful origami for peace

On our Japan trip we have spend a few days Hiroshima. It is a city with a tragic past. In 1945 the USA dumped an Atomic bomb over the city killing hundred thousands of people. Being at the Peace memorial museum an learning about the tragic event and what it caused of pain and radioactive pollution on people afterwards and knowing that many countries still poses nuclear power and do atomic tests today,  made a huge impression on me. I saw these great colorful collages made by folded origami birds that children had made outside the museum. They are really great and inspiring.
This was how Hiroshima looked like after the A-bomb. 3 km2 of city burned away immediately after the A-bomb.

Lear to fold some Japanese origami here.

Children made these wonderful collages of folded origami birds for peace on earth.

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