mandag den 18. oktober 2010

More of Tokyo...

Tokyo is too crazy! Every Sunday young people dress up an head to Harajuku (a Tokyo neighbourhood). They dress up in a variety of styles and walk up and down the streets to get noticed. We went there and looked at people, it was really interesting. They have so many fascinating youth subcultures and styles: Gothic, Lolita, mori (Forest girl) to name a few - and Rockabillies, they were dressed up and danced all the moves to the Grease Soundtrack while singing and shaking the hips. Very funny to watch!

Tokyo is full of contrast! New vs. old, futuristic vs. traditionel... After watching the Harajuku girls we went to the Meiji Shrine near by, where we were lucky to see a wedding ceremony.

Manga advertising

Today went to Mori Art museum and saw a really nice show called "Sensing Nature" about the Japanese perception of nature. We saw this amazing installation there by the Japanese artist Tokujin Yoshioka. Feathers were blown around in a big white box, making the illusion of snow fall. It was very beautiful.

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  1. it looks like a dream world with all these feathers. great idea.