torsdag den 28. oktober 2010

Japanese food heaven

The food here in Japan is so enjoyable. There is so much more to the Japanese kitchen than sushi. And the arrangement of the food is just great, small portions on a small plate and very aestetically served.

Great sushi! And it's cheap here. If you go to the places where the sushi is on a conveyer belt, it's even cheaper. You just grap the plate you like and afterwards they count your plates and you pay. 
Sukiyaki - beef, vegetables, mushrooms are cooked in a hot pot in a delicious sauce of soy sauce and sugar.
Busy kitchen at the small place Ayoa in Nagamaguro, Tokyo.

In Japan they have pictures of the food they serve, either photos or funny plastic models, outside the restaurant. It's easy to order even though you don't speak Japanese, you just point.
We eat a lot of ramen, noodles. This was a nice little place in Kyoto serving Soba, buckwheat noodles.

Nice dinner at Sosuke Ryokan.
Teppanyaki uses a hot grill to cook the food. Here it's shrimps and fish with cabbage and soy sauce on the side. 

A cool place in Hiroshima serving teryaki - sticks with grilled meet, vegetables, tofu etc.
Bento boxes for lunch.
As for the sweets the Japanees don't have candy like we know it in Europe, but they do have a lot of cakes packed in beautiful boxes.
Green tea sweets, plum sweet (like jelly) and ohhh we found jelly beans in Muji, a great shop with so much nice stuff and a cool, simple design language!

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  1. · { Hvor er det super spændende at se, håber du nyder det ... jeg er bare en smule misundelig ;-)) KH/Sabine } ·

  2. Hej Sabine. Hyggeligt at møde dig til foredraget :)
    Du kan tro, jeg nyder det! Det er så spændende her.
    Håber du har det godt og at vi ses til næste foredrag.

    KH Laura

  3. Ohh laura everything looks so delicate. Lucky you. Thanks for sharing.