fredag den 22. oktober 2010

Old Japan

We have been in Takayama in the mountainside in Northern Japan for a few days. This city was so quiet and calm and the completely the opposite from Tokyo. We stayed at a great traditional Ryokan (which mean an old style Japanese inn) and we had some great food there. We went to see lots of temples, shrines and old houses, the atmosphere was very calm and beautiful.

The rooms at Sosuke Ryoakan, where we were staying.  
Beautiful mattress to lay on the tatami mat to make a bed. There was tea set  in a beautiful laquer box in every room. 
They had an old hearth, Irori in Japanese, at the place we were staying to make hot water for tea and to warm the living room.
Japanese breakfast and slippers for inside the house.

Yoshijima house

Typical Japanese garden.

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  1. it looks so poetic, simple and calm. Like a really retreat. It must have been a great contrast to Tokyo. Fine pictures.
    It sounds amazing with the tea every morning, and the breakfast looks healthy and tempting.
    enjoy xxxlisa