fredag den 15. oktober 2010

Konnichiwa Tokyo!

Love the bus! The Japanese graphic language is sometimes a bit childish but very fun.
Cowbooks is a really nice book shop selling beautiful second hand books. There is two branches in Tokyo, we went to the one in Ayoama where the shop is right next to a cool cafe called Dragonfly. Great place for food and cakes and people watching. 
Cute note books, masking tape and stickers bought at the department store Loft in Shibuya. The basement is filled with goodies so if you want to stock up your stationary this is the Tokyo place to go! 

Beautiful calligraphy and Ukiyo-e (wood block prints) at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Tjeck out the work of Hokusai, a great Japanese artist and Ukiyo-e painter.
Night view over Tokyo from Hyatt Park Hotel's 52nd floor. We had a drink at the very stylish hotel bar and enjoyed the amazing view. (This is the hotel bar from "Lost in Translation")
Tokyo is amazing! There are so many impressions after the first days. Stunning sky scrabers, neon signs, busy street life, glass facades, noisy game arcades, cool teenagers and business men in black suits. The Japanese graphic language is so cool and inspiring and I love their simple but strong graphic design language. Here are some snaps shot from my first days.

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  1. ooh Laura it looks amazing. I would love to join you.
    All the best.

  2. It is so wonderful here Lisa - You will love it too, I am sure!
    Have a great trip to Brazil, looking forward till hearing about it.
    XXX Laura