mandag den 11. oktober 2010

Japan inspiration

The next two month you can follow me and Lisa when blogging from each side of the world! I will be going to Japan for three weeks and Lisa will be going to Brasil in November for a month. It's very exciting! I have been looking into so many things and inspiration before leaving tomorrow and here I will share some of it with you. See you in tokyo - Dewa mata! (See you later in Japanese)

Great Tokyo guide book from Hello Sandwich with lots of nice things to check out.

Hello Kitty store in Shinjuku

Watch "Map of the sounds of Tokyo" a film by Isabel Coixet

Tadao Ando's church of light in Osaka

Check out the Japanese fashion designer Tsumori Chisato
Kanazawa museum of contemporary art by SANAA

Dior shop in Tokyo by SANAA 

Mount Fuji

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