torsdag den 9. september 2010

Tjeck out Stella magazine!

First issue of Stella magazine is out soon.
Stella magazine is a new bi-annual magazine for women. Stella features women who are interesting because of what they do and think rather than because of how they look. It was born out of the will to put personality before glamour.

The magazine is founded and art directed by Laura Terp Hansen. The first issue is featuring women who do amazing work with their hands, like the London based textile designer Katherine May who explores patchwork and quilting. Inside the magazine you will find the work of many talented photographers and illustrators, among others Jenny Hart, Katrine Rohrberg, Camilla Stephan and Miuyki Sakai. You can have a sneak peak here.

Come to our launch party at Jolene in the Meatpacking District on the 23rd of September kl.19.30. We are looking forward till seeing you there!

3 kommentarer:

  1. We can't wait to read your new magazine. About time to read something interesting and inspirering about other woman, instead of blameing yourself that you do not look like a skinny teenager. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Girls
    I agree so much - I prefer to admire some one, who actually have done something or who have some kind of other talent, than looking good.
    Laura good work.
    xxx lisa

  3. · { YAY looks so GREAT, wonderful artwork ... I will come to check out your Launch party ... } ·