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An interview with Elisabeth Dunker from Fine little day

On Thursday 7th October 2010 Underwerket Projects will be hosting a talk with Elisabeth Dunker from Fine little Day about her blog, her work and inspiration. We talk to Elisabeth before coming over....

What have you been doing this week. Are you normally busy?
- I have tried to rehabilitate me from work a bit this week. Longing for more time to take care of my self and my family. Would love to start cooking and bake again (has been my husbands doing for the past 10 years). Want to clean the apartment, buy some fresh flowers, go and cut my hair, get massage...
I am normally too busy.

Do you travel a lot to seek inspiration. If yes where did you go last time and why this place?
No I don't travel a lot. It is actually something I have come to realize in "old age", I don't need to travel so much. I really like it best here. What I would like to do is to discover my own country a bit more, and the rest of Scandinavia. Scandinavia is beautiful, and there is so much I haven't seen and experienced yet. 

The last time I travel abroad was this spring, to Prague with my mum and sister 

If no, what else do you do to seek inspiration?
Feels like I'm repeating myself here but the absolutely best way to get inspiration for me is to visit fleas and second hand stores. I love the feeling of not knowing what I'm gonna find, and I appreciate the wide range of items that it always is at that kind of places. Also I like the thought of that the items have a history, and when you get it you kind of take care of that history.

What kind of artist do you admire? And why?
Oh, where should I start? I just have to mention a couple of names that pops up in my head when reading this question. Generally I'm very fond of outsider art. One reason for that is that the outsider artist obviously have had a strong call, a sparkle in his or hers artistry, I admire people with sparkles. And there is also often a nerve in that kind of artistry that goes straight to my heart. 
James Castle, Henry Darger, Bill Traylor is a couple of well known outsider art artists that I like. Others more contemporary artists who comes up in my mind is Anu Touminen, Claire Loder and Misiaki Kawai. But there is of course a lot of more people out there that I go nuts about. 

Have you ever been in Copenhagen before?
Several times, I like Copenhagen. But I can't say that I know my way around there very well. I guess I keep going where most tourists going. Two places I rather don't miss when I'm there is Créme de la créme a´la Edgar, and Riz Raz. I'm a vegetarian and they have good vegetarian buffet there.

If some of us are going to Sweden this year, what will you recommend we should do and where should we go?
Well if you come to Gothenburg you should stroll in the areas around Haga and Linné. Andra Långgatan has a couple of nice shops and cafés. So does the rest of Linné. Take a look at my blog here (scroll down) for some more tips.

Thanks a lot Elisabeth! We are looking forward till seeing you here.

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  1. cute + pleasant interview.

    i like ones who sparkle too.


  2. yes it is a fine interview, and we are looking forward to get the visit from Sweden....

  3. can anyone come to the interview? if so, what time does it begin?

  4. It begins at 15.30. If you would like to come, send us a mail. And we will get you a seat.