mandag den 8. november 2010

Sayonara Japan!

The last day we spend in Tokyo, shopping and packing our big suitcases filled with stuff, ceramics, sake, kimonos, books and magazines. It´s been a great trip and such a beautiful culture to get to know.
Thanks for following my posts from Japan. I hope to go back there again some day soon. Here are my last snaps from Tokyo.

We had dinner at Higashi Yama, a really nice place serving Japanese food with a modern twist.
Kawai! The Japanese just love kitch. We did these in a photo booth in one of the many game arcades around Tokyo . You can decorate your pictures with all sorts of cute and tacky stuff. Check out the size of our eyes - it's so funny! 

We visited Opening Ceremony in Shibuya. The have a really nice 8 level conceptual store. It is decorated like a home on each floor, so the clothes are hanging in a pink kitchen on the 1st floor and the next floor is made up like a bedroom (Sorry,  I wasn´t allowed to take pictures in there but it was really well made and a very cool concept for a store)
We went shopping at the Japanese street wear label A Bathing Ape shop in Omotesando. Such a cool store with white tiles all around.

Next time I go to Japan, I would love to go when the cherry blossom is in bloom. It looks so amazing.

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